Gas Receiver Combination Flammable Gas Detector

Model : GTD-6000Ex
Gas : Flammable gases
Comm. : 4-20mA, RS-485, Relay

Information :

▷ Simple structure, refined design and low cost of ownership
▷ Self diagnosis function with built-in Microprocessor
▷ Detection gas from low to high concentration owing to various detection principle
▷ Easy installation with a wall mount type
▷ Check it from a distance by large display and flashing light
▷ 4-digit gas concentration display
▷ 3-stage alarm level, 1-trouble LED display and relay contact output
▷ Easy configuration of monitoring by RS-485 Modbus isolated serial data communication(Option)
▷ Programmable alarm setting (Level, Time delay)
▷ Peak hold
▷ Self diagnosis



Model GTD-6000Ex
Measuring gas Flammable gases (LNG, LPG, H2, Methane, Buthane & etc)
Measuring type Diffusion type
Measuring method Catalytic cell   Hot wire semiconductor cell  Thermal conductivity cell
Measuring range  0~100% LEL  0~2000ppm  0~100% Vol
Response time 〈 15 sec / 90% scale
Accuracy ±3% / Full Range
Measuring display 1.8″ 4 Digit FND
Operation mode display 6-LED(Power, 3-stage alarm, Trouble, Stand-by for maintenance)
Alarm signal output SPDT, Load: AC 250V / 1A (Alarm1, Alarm2, Alarm3, Trouble)
Alarm display Visual : 3-stage Alarm, Trouble LED, Warning LED
Audible : Buzzer(85dB)
Output signal Analog : Measuring signal : 4-20mA DC
            Maintenance signal : 3mA DC
            Calibration signal : 3mA DC
            Fault signal : 0mA DC
Digital : RS-485 Modbus (Option)
Cable Power + Signal cable : 1.5sq (AWG16) / 2500m max
Distance 4 – 20mA DC Signal : 2000m / RS-485 Modbus Signal : 1000m
Mounting type Wall mount
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +60 ℃
Operating humidity 5 to 99% RH (Non-condensing)
Operating power Standard : AC90V~250V / 12W max
Option : 24V DC / 280mA max
Material Detector(ABS), Sensor(PVC), Alarm unit(Poly carbonate)
Dimensions 235.6(W) × 355.5(H) × 109.3(D) mm
Weight 1.75kg