Flammable Portable gas detector (LPG/LNG)

Model : Senko SP Secure

Measuring Gas : LPG/NG & Other combustible gases

SP secure is designed to be suitable for leak detection of any gas piping and valves by equipping a built-in sampling pump. Since the measured gas concentration is displayed in digital number, accurate measurement is possible.

1. Sampling pump built in structure
2. The digital concentration display
3. Detector for the gas leakage
4. Both rechargeable battery and alkaline battery are compatible.
5. Adopt the sensor which detect the low concentrated.
6. Rechargeable battery is compatible with
7. Data logging(Under development)
8. RUSSIA Gost-R Certification
9. EUROPE electromagnetic waves fitness Certification



SP Secure

Measuring gas LPG/LNG/Combustible H2 Xylene
Measuring type

Auto Sampling type

Measuring method Catalytic Electrochemical cell IR
Measuring range 0~100%LEL 0~1000ppm 0~100%LEL
Sensor life time > 2 years > 2year > 2year
Response time < 10sec/90%scale < 75sec/90%scale < 30sec/90%scale
Operation time

About 12 hours


±3%/Full scale

Resolution 1%LEL Within 5ppm 1%LEL
Parameter Control Right Side switch(calibration, maintenance, alarm setting)
Operation mode display Visual : alarm & status icon, Trouble Red LED Audible : buzzer(90dB @ 10cm)
Measuring value display LCD Display(3-digit)
Alarm display Visual : alarm & status icon Audible : buzzer
Alarm level set Programmable within detection range
Sampling method Internal sampling pump
Flow rate 0.5 liter/min
Program set mode Alarm value(1,2 alarm) time Set
Operating temperature -20℃~50℃
Operating humidity 10 to 95% RH(Non-condensing)
Operating power 3.6V Battery
Battery power Rechargeable NI-MH AA Alkaline battery 3ea
Battery life time More than 12 hours
Material Poly carbonate
LCD size 32(W) X 40(H) mm
Dimensions 55(W) × 240(H) × 31(D) mm
Weight Standard type : 260g (Battery Including)

Ex d ia IIB T3(KGS)