Explosion proof Beacon

Model : GTL-200L
Source : LED light
Approval : KCs

▷ Combined Explosion-proof Sounder &Beacon using LED Light sources
▷ Excellence of high effect of signal light radiation using our
unique lens type luminescence system
▷ Available in controlling the rotation speed of reflector
▷ Available in various colors(Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
▷ Available in setting options depend on field condition

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Product Type LED light source lens / Rotating mirror
Material Body : ALDC12
Mirror : Heated resisting ABS
Light source lens : Heated resisting PC
Glass – Explosion proof tempered glass
Protection Cage – SS316L
LED Color Green, Red, Yellow, Blue(Selectable)
Power Supply AC 110 / 220V 50~60Hz, DC 12~48V
Power Consumption AC 110V=0.109A / 220V = 0.054A MAX
DC 12V = 1.0A / DC24V=0.5A / DC48V = 0.25A MAX
Operation Temp. T6=-40 to 60℃ / T5,T4=-40 to 70℃,
Operation Humidity 0 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Conduct Connection 1/2″ or 3/4″ PF, NPT(3/4″ PF Standard)
Dimensions 164(W) X 278.5(H) X 322(D) mm
Weight App. 5kg
Approval Ex d ⅡC T4,T5,T6 (IP66)